Sunday, 10 July 2011

All Time pakistan T20 Team by Imran Asghar

The first ever Twenty20 International game took place in Auckland, in February 2005, as the Mighty Aussies beat rivals New Zealand by 44 runs. Pakistan had to wait until the following year, in August, against England for a 5 wicket win. As T20 cricket is still fairly new to the game, I woke up this morning with a thought of whom are the best T20 Pakistan players? Then my mind switched to something new, if I had to name a all-time Pakistan T20 team who would be in my team. So I selected 11 players that would have been the best 11 to participate in the shortest format of the game for Pakistan.

My all time Pakistan T20 team is as follows:-

Saeed Anwar
The stylish opener, along with Sri Lanka's Kalu and Jayasuriya, gave limited overs Cricket a new breath. Where keeping wickets in hand was the key, they made sure batting at a strike rate of around 100 would give the team the perfect start. Anwar would make most people's Pakistan's Test line-up let alone any limted overs team. A easy choice.

Aamer Sohail
Aamer was again a elegant left hander, that had the ability to match Anwar shot for shot. Somewhat a loose canon, when it come to emotions on the pitch, no one could deny, he was a match winner of the highest order.

Zaheer Abbas
Zaheer was regarded the Asian Bradman and for no other reason that he had magic in his batting. The ability to play a long innings or a cameo that even Sir Viv would have been proud of. In my opinion, he is a must.

Inzi, as we all love to call him, for me is the greatest Pakistan batsman. Inzi had the natural ability to do anything that he wanted, apart from run fast (a little sarcasm). Again, like Anwar, a guy I would pick in any Pakistan line-up, in any era.

Mohammad Yousaf
Yousaf was a guy that had the ability to play a long innings, aswell the know how to accelerate at the right time. The ability to time a perfect chase is something not many have and he was one of the best. Ive selected him ahead of Javed Miandad, for the reason of his hard hitting, when and if required.

Kamran Akmal (WK)
Nowhere close to being the best keeper in Pakistan's history, he is the most exciting batsman though. This was the tough choice, as I'm a admirer of Moin Khan's hitting. Kamran's ability to bat anywhere from 1-8 makes him a dangerous player, that deserves his spot in T20 ahead of Moin, Tauseef, Bari and Latif.

Imran Khan (C)
Do I really need to justify his inclusion? In my opinion, not just Pakistan's, but the greatest all-rounder the world has seen(Yes Sobers Included). A fast bowler and more than just a handy batsman. Imran was, and always will be the King.

Shahid Afridi
What would a T20 team be without the guy who was born to play it missing? Mr Boom Boom, on his day, can win a lost game with pure super hitting, but his ability of picking up wickets while not going for much runs is his main strength.

Wasim Akram
With Waz it can be strongly argued that he is the greatest Left Armer ever (Australian Alan Davidson, his only competition). Akram was the king of swing and more than usefull with the bat. One of the first names on any team sheet, in any era.

Waqar Younis
The other half of the two W's, was as fast as you can get. Even though reverse swing was invented by Sarfraz and then taken over by Imran, not many have had the ability to bowl it at will. His yorkers, at the death would make him near impossible to play.

Saqlain Mushtaq
The inventor of the doosra, Saqi enjoyed bowling in the fielding restriction and death overs. The ability to attack and pick up wickets made him near impossible to play. For me a guy that would contest Qadir in a all-time test spot let alone a automatic choice in any Limited overs side.

So that was my team, feel free to comment and give your input on a all-time T20 team, opinions always vary.


  1. 1- Saeed Anwar
    2- Majid Khan
    3- Ijaz Ahmad
    4- Javed Miandad
    5- Inzamam
    6- Imran Khan
    7- Moin Khan
    8- Shahid Afridi
    9- Wasim Akram
    11-Waqar Younis

    12th man- Abdul Razzaq

  2. for a T20 squad, I would choose Abdul Razzaq over M. Yousuf
    rest, i agree with :)

  3. Saeed Anwar, Shahid Afridi, Ijaz Ahmad, Javed Miandad, Inzamam ul Haq, Imran Khan, Moin Khan, Abdul Razzaq, Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq, Waqar Younis

  4. Not to include the great Javaid Miandad will be definitely a grave mistake..! He is an automatic priority over all the batsmen selected. You may drop any one of them, may be an opener or a middle-order. Miandad can fill any-one's shoes...! Rather, i would say that none of them will be able to replace Miandad.
    Rest of your team can deliver, the best for Pakistan Cricket.

  5. 1-Anwar
    2-Imran Nazir
    5-Zaheer Abbas
    8-Moin Khan
    9-wasim Akram
    10-SaQlain MushtaQ
    11-WaQar Yunus

  6. Taking in all the comments into considerations. Its a matter of opinions, and yes Moin for Kamran and Miandad are defo options. Its not a easy choice as when u leave out Gul, Ajmal and Razzaq etc it gets hard.

  7. mmmmm instead of afridi in batting order , imran nazir should be chosen.
    but in bowling line up, afridi is adjusted in place of saqlain...

  8. Rashid Latif or Moin Khan are way better than Kamran Akmal
    Why dont you consider naming a T20 team of players who have actually played T20?