Monday, 21 March 2011

Sri Lanka:- A Pakistani's Apology

The group stages are over and Pakistan's adventure in Sri Lanka has come to a end. Very unlike Pakistan, but they have been very consistent in their 6 games, winning 5 and losing the one solitary game against New Zealand.

Rewind 15 tears and World Cup 1996, Pakistan was knocked out of the tournament by co-hosts and arch-rivals India at the quarter-final stage. That game will be remembered for Ajay Jadeja's magnificent hitting and Aamer Sohail's stupidity against Venkatesh Prasad. In that particular World cup, Sri Lanka lit it up with attacking batting in the start of the innings. Yes, it happens in everyday Cricket now but in those days it was unheard off. Jayasuriya and Kaluwithara will get Sri Lanka off to a flyer and the consistent likes of Ranatunga, De Silva and Mahanama will nurture the innings. Add Murli and Vaas and this team were no mugs, yet no one gave them a prayer.

This Sri Lanka team faced India in the Semi's and dominated the game. They were awarded the match after crowd trouble at Eden Gardens never let the game to be completed. Was a shock on the cards? Sri Lanka had reached a World Cup final for the first time. Could Sri Lanka do it against all odds?

Lahore was the venue, and the mighty Australia the opposition. The Pakistani crowd made noise in its first and thus far last hosting of a World Cup final. The stadium packed to its rafters was behind their fellow sub-continent brothers. Every dot ball, every wicket, every run and every boundry was cheered like it was Pakistan playing. And I still remember, not only the Ghadaffi Stadium but my house raised in celebration has captain Ranatunga guided the ball in the third man region to win the World Cup.

Fast forward again and In 2011 Sri Lanka have repaid that Lahore day with cheer for cheer, slogan for slogan and scream for scream. I'm really sad that our captain didn't acknowledge the Sri Lankan people for the support. I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude but was taken away by the occasion of ending Australia's 34 match unbeaten run in the World Cup. So on behalf of Shahid Afridi, Waqar Younis and the whole of Pakistan I apologise.

Sri lanka, Lahore 1996 u didn't forget and this we will never forget. Sri Lanka/Pakistan friendship Zindabad!!!


  1. Good One. Even I got disappointed when Afridi thanked only the Pakistani crowd who came from Pakistan. There were over 25000 Sri Lankan people I think. Good article bro !!!

    Thanks a lot.
    Ignatious J from Sri Lanka.

  2. No problem my Brother. Again I apologise. I dont think he was being rude, he was in the moment of beating Australia. and secondly he is Afridi, he does come with a half a brain.

  3. Afridi doesnt meant to say dat ...............its jst he bobbles nd got carried away he is certainly thankfull to the whole srilankan crowd.........
    special thanx 4rm our side to u guys 4r supporting Pakistan ......

  4. @ Anon:- yes im sure Afridi didnt mean to be rude. He got carried away by beat aus.

  5. I am a Pakistani and am really grateful to the Lankans since I have heard unconfirmed reports that they have offered to tour Pakistan for a series around August... when we were isolated in the world and the game we loved the most was taken away from us, this offer and by the same team who was the victim of the incident, would be a support beyond words!! And parallel, it would take a big heart to make such an offer... if my report is true, Lankans, I salute you!!

  6. It's true bro. But still pakistani officials have not confirmed the security yet. The tour will be on August or in October.

  7. Insha-Allah, our brother's in Sri Lanka have always backed us and vice versa. The Lahore attacks were a unfortunate event, and id add not done by Pakistani's. These were carried by terrorists and these terrorists have no religion and no country. They are evil.

  8. lol i think afridi didn't realize that not all of the supporters were pakistani.. plus he didn't seem very comfortable in expressing his thoughts in english... so it doesnt matter really..

  9. What about todays game. Two team members thanked only the Pakistani Crowd. :(

  10. guys... PAki Players r over joyed.. thts it... they did not mean to hurt anyone... neither Sri Lankans nor Today in Bangladesh... we apology on behalf of PAkistan

  11. wow!!! superb Imran. i just read it.

    i too was very disappointed when Afridi talked only about pakistani supporters. Being a Sri Lankan it senses because there were Sri Lankan fans to support pakistan than Pakistanis.

    And he did the same in QF. Despit large number of Bangladeshi-pakistani fans he only thanked to Pakistanis.

    well whatever no matter. he just forgot i think.
    yes Sri Lanka Pakistan friendship!!! it's an everlasting one honestly.

  12. so many sri lankans support pakistan even when it is a pakistan v sri lanka match. we are muslims and pakistan is our motherland;i am sure afridi just forgot. love you pakistan
    mohomad - colombo

  13. pakistan we love you....even more than sri lankan cricket team
    zainab - galle - sri lanka