Friday, 26 August 2011

Mohammad Amir:- One Year On... A fans Journey

27th August 2010, sitting in the stands at Lords was a dream. I had just turned 28 years old that day, and was at the ground to watch my hero's play the game I love more than myself. What i witnessed that day, I wrote in my article, ( ). The next few months were trying to say the least.

I've supported Amir throughout his ordeal. Petitions, that were posted to the PCB, in person to the High Commission of Pakistan in London to fight for a boy that I believed had not received the support he should have received from the authorities that could have advised a kid better. A kid that came from a poor background had been left in a big world without any real support.

In the past year we have seen the players banned for five years, minimum, and charged by the Met Police for corruption. I have read the entire transcript and there is little doubt that the spot-fixing happened for real. The idea that it was a fabricated story and stitch up doesn't work anymore. Amir was always looked by me as a kid that had got stuck in a big world... until now

They say tough times make people grow up, but has Amir learnt from his mistake? When it comes to your career, you forget loyalties and do whatever possible to help your OWN career, has Amir done so? NO! Amir has had ample chances to come clean to the ICC but has not done so. His shown his loyalty to Salman Butt, but not to his own career and Pakistan Cricket. For that alone, in my opinion, Amir has not done his duty, as a human, as a Pakistani. Pakistan Cricket deserves better than a kid that has not grown a touch in a year. Pakistan Cricket, and its fans deserve better than Mohammad Amir and his ego....

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