Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mission Mumbai Failed.. Alpha is down, Alpha is down! abort the mission I repeat abort the mission! All men fall back

By Syed Fahd Ali

Finally, the Pakistan cricket team's journey of pursuing the dream of 180 million people is finally over and they are expected to reach home by later tonight after losing the semi final against India.The Dream is over, hearts are broken and the question in mind is: Are we still supposed to love cricket and the Pakistan team or not?

They took a shaky start in the World Cup in the match against Kenya. The most brittle batting order has suffered collapses many times. After Amir Sohail and Saeed Anwer, nobody has been able so far to open Pakistan's innings. So the opening stand has been under experimentation; Shahzad was a failure. "Plan B", Kamran and Hafeez, also opened but didn't work and also failed to give a STRONG stand except once in the ONE-SIDED match against the West Indies. All batsmen were also unable to score a century in this mega event.

Now, as Pakistan lost their semi final to arch-rivals India, their 5th defeat in World Cup against them has had a great impact on the hearts of Pakistan cricket lovers. In fact, I cried like someone is dead to me. I was too much upset last night thinking about the shameful defeat against India.

OH! no man! Why shame? Our team has reached a semi final after 12 years. Before the start of the tournament, nobody expected that Pakistan could be a strong competitor for the cup. Is that the same team who has been in controversies for many years, completely white washed against Australia in all 3 formats of game? And remember all that happened in England,with Pakistan losing the test, ODI and T20 series and the match-fixing scandal! Remember Pakistan lost the T20 and ODI series against South Africa though they did fight well. Oh yeah!

It is this same team in the semis while Australia, England and South Africa got sent back home. The only reason behind this is our love and support to our team, we never stopped supporting our team though they disappointed us many times and this time disappointment is extraordinary but we are never gonna stop bucking up for our team. Hats off team Pakistan and all the especially our beloved captain Shahid ALPHA Afridi for being such brave and promising captain in all circumstances and leading from the front in all situations.

Last but not the least I want to give thanks again to my love, the Bullet Rawalpindi Express for his great services to the Pakistan Cricket team. Mr. Unfit performed way better than 100% fit bowlers. We'll miss you so much and will never forget you.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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