Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Meaning Of Shahid Afridi To Pakistan....... by Tim Holt

As the great Pakistani win passed yesterday so was an individual milestone.That of 300 wickets for Shahid Afridi in Limited Overs Cricket.This to go with his 6600 runs all scored with the speed of light and with the crowd standing on their feet engrossed at his every move.
Though unlike other players,Shahid Afridi seems to transcend figures to the point that they become irrelevant.....
For he is one of those individuals that just has such meaning to so many....
And its Universal, a bit in the manner that Imran Khan has oozed for near on 60 years now...
You can just see the peoples faces in the wake of the presence of Afridi.
The women want him....the youth exalt BOOM BOOM in honour of his rocket launches...then us old folk might be critical of his 'failings,'but in our begrudging manner of giving praise.
We acknowledge the pied piper with people he is
You can't underplay this quality either. For it's a bit like catching lightning in a bottle and with the same grandeur and might of this.Then when it's achieved in regards to Pakistan.You can't help but be in complete awe of the accomplishment.
This World Cup has shown that intrinsic Afridi magic in making Pakistan from a team that always makes people be fearful into the juggernaut of this Cup.
For he has lead this Team through the inspiration of his play.Whether it be as seen in yesterdays game through his bowling that had Sri Lanka on the hop or through his fielding or batting...
In whatever he did on the field you could feel one thing whether you were near or far.That being Afridi's heart beating true for Pakistan.
The players have followed too.Making them into 11 players with claws like the moniker often attached to Pakistan-'cornered tigers'
All through the belief they have in Shahid Afridi
For they can feel his sincerity on the field for Pakistan and have duly brought into the campaign as well with their hearts.
Thus making Pakistan an irresistible for you have 11 men on the field beating 'green' in the quest for World Cup glory...
On viewing their performances you can see this quest being a distinct reality too.........

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