Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Cup Group A Springs Into Life! by Tim Holt

There is an old saying in life that goes like this....when you assume-you make and ass out of u and me...
Which in the reading of Group A in this World Cup is about as true as it gets!
We all just assumed that Sri Lanka,Australia,Pakistan and New Zealand would qualify out of the group after seeing the weakness of the minnows in the Group.
This indeed will more than likely happen,but after that its anyone's guess as to how they qualify...
For you can reasonably expect that New Zealand will finish 4th in the Group
Though after that it's up for grabs for the other three Teams.....................
For one reason.............
This after we all just thought the quality of the Sri Lankan Team would inevitably lead it to finish on top of the group.Up steps this strangely unified and composed group of players under the banner of Pakistan to upend the Sri Lankan's...
(yes Pakistan unified and composed.......I need to pinch myself too..........!)
Then in the rear view mirror are the Australian's looking very competitive as well....
So how will it all end?
Lets start by looking at Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
The weaknesses in the Sri Lankan side were exposed by a very fine performance by Pakistan yesterday.Though this is easier said than done.For you'd be reasonably confident that both Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara wouldn't both have off days as they did yesterday.Thus if they are their normal prolific self it takes away the pressure from the somewhat fragile middle order.Which would breed greater confidence in them to perform.Also the inclusion of Lasith Malinga will make Sri Lanka a considerably better side.For they have a strike bowler who can cause carnage any time he has the ball in his hand.Also with him in the line up the other bowlers walk taller and are more effective
The remaining matches are kind too with Kenya,Zimbabwe,Australia and New Zealand to play.
So only Australia could threaten an upset out of those game.Though going on recent history you'd expect Sri Lanka to win that game
Still looking good but questions are being posed against there lofty standing in this World Cup

I must own up to the fact that ive been waiting for Australia's bubble to burst and though they have accounted for a terrible Zimbabwe side and an equally shocking Kiwi side.They have been impressive in doing so.This on the back of a rejuvenated Brett Lee and a very impressive Mitchell Johnson.Though you can't knock their performance. The question arises as to whether they can do the same against the big boys in the group.Namely Sri Lanka and Pakistan.If they can they are a huge show.Though also a factor against these sides for the Aussies will be how they go against spin.This could be impacted if common sense prevails and Mike Hussey is announced as Doug Bollinger's replacement.
Though id have more faith in a pyromaniac sitting on a haystack,than of the Australian Selectors getting it right.So we can expect Hauritz to get the call.
I still can't see Australia troubling the stronger sides for too much relies on too few...
So with Pakistan and Sri Lanka still to play.I can see them not lasting the distance

Has Pakistan put the cat among the pigeons by beating Sri Lanka
They did so in such a composed manner too with the batting being solid and always threatening.Then the bowling was high class with both pace and spin covered.
The old timer Shoaib Ahktar looked great and Shahid Afridi looked like he was on a mission to bring the ultimate glory to his beloved 180 million fellow Pakistani's
Logically it being Pakistan you would think they might conspire to shoot themselves in the foot and lose to Canada in the next match
Though for some reason this group of Pakistani players make you believe in their threat in this Tournament.
So cant see them slipping up against anyone in qualifying

Prediction of Group
2.Sri Lanka
4.New Zealand

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