Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kya Hum Ek Hain? (Are We One?) by Imran Asghar

What is Pakistan? What does it mean? What’s the purpose of it? These are the questions that many of us ask every day. The answer’s are not simple as the country has gone through alot in its 64 year history. Whenever we’ve been blessed with a bit of happiness, a controversy has been awaiting us. Today, Pakistan is awaiting something to happen so we can have a little joy again. As a nation we are fed up with the constant, infighting, and some propaganda, that has become a occurrence of everyday life. So what are the answers to the three questions above? In my view, Pakistan is Iqbal’s inception and Jinnah’s completion. In this simple words the country is illustrated. Just if we could love our country as much as we say we love it.

As we seek a glimmer of hope, a smile, happiness, what can it be? Maybe Pakistan winning the world cup? Maybe so. Pakistan has no divine right to win the tournament; we must remember there are 13 other nations that want to do the same. Each and every other team has travelled with the same expectation that we have. So what makes us different? Are we united? Are we one? Kya hum ek hain?

Lets think about it, lets think about it with a open mind. Lets look at the 15 man squad as our brother’s whom have gone to bring a smile on our faces. Lets look at it that these 15 brothers of ours have left their familys behind to give this country a beautifull gift. A gift that the nation can cherish for years to come.

Maybe they wont achieve their goal but be with me when I say, “Win, Lose or get Demolished; we are with u. We stand united. Haan hum ek hain!”

Pakistan Cricket Team Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad

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