Sunday, 27 February 2011

India-Batting Alone Wont Win You The World Cup! by Tim Holt

Two Indian games in this World Cup both like instant replays of each other.
In respect to India batting first and truly dazzling with the bat by getting well over 300 against the hapless Bangladeshi and English attacks
The heroics of Sehwag in the first romp replicated by the immortal Sachin Tendulkar in the second blitz of the bowling
Through in the rest of the dazzling batting from the style and class of Kohli and Gambhir to the brutality of Dhoni and Yuvraj. You have the near perfect batting line up for this form of the game.
So we all should be trembling in our respective boots and attaching blue ribbons to the World Cup trophy.In honour of a dominating India taking all before it in this World Cup culminating in the ultimate glory
Indeed we should-shouldn't we???????
Maybe not...hold on a sec...put away your adulation for everything to do with batting blitz's.......
For there is the little point of the other sides of the game in regards to bowling and fielding
In this regard the Indian's are somewhat lacking as seen by the assault by the Bangladeshi's in the 1st game and the current English onslaught as I type.
The Tigers came up short, but gave India tremors and the English though still involved in a chase will more than likely come up short.Due mainly to the brilliance of Zaheer Khan who got ride of Ian Bell and Andrew Strauss when India was well and truly on the rack...
The key in saving India on both occasions was the lack of depth in both Teams batting.
Though this won't be the case against a South Africa,who would have A.B.DeVilliers walking in at 5 and J.P.Duminy at 6.Or a Pakistan with Afridi and Razzaq in the lower order to pillage bowling.
Even against the batting of the Aussies or Sri Lankan's they'd struggle to defend totals.
So unless India can find some support for Zaheer Khan with the ball they are very much long shots to win this World Cup

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