Sunday, 6 March 2011

Australia-Time To Show Muttiah Muralidaran Respect!

In truth in the history of the game there probably hasn't been a more controversial figure than Sri Lanka's World Test Record Wicket taker Muttiah Muralidaran....
All centring around the legitimacy of his action and whether he 'chucked' or not
In truth its an irrelevant question for like it or not like it he was cleared to play by the International Cricket Council.After a series of strenuous testing.
So why don't we just accept the fact that he was cleared to play and pay him the respect that his deeds on the field duly deserve?
Thankfully most people and Nations do pay him due homage.Though here in Australia this issue is a bit like a dog with a bone that just wont let go
Given rise by the dubious ex Umpire Darrell Hair who conveniently launched a recent slur against Murali's on the eve of a crucial World Cup match against Australia.One who believed in conspiracies would think this timing was a set up by the Australian powers that be to disrupt the Sri Lankan's.........
Though lets look at Mr Darrell Hair a little deeper.In his calling of Murali for action, he cited he was acting under the auspices of upholding the principles and ethics of the game.Again giving himself a hearty pat on the back for being a man of courage for calling Murali.Using this supposed belief amongst others on the Umpiring Elite panel as his champion..
There is definitely something wrong with his action, but I’m not going to call him’. They are the ones who have to live with that. If you’re an umpire you’re meant to uphold the law so both teams get a fair shake.
Though unlike Hair,the others didn't have the care or courage to call him...........

This coming from a man whose 'principles' saw it fit to report Pakistan's Shoaib Ahktar for suspect action, but turned a blind eye to Australia's Brett Lee's 'pitchers' action.
Obviously consistency is part of Hair's definition of principles
Honestly lets face it Hair is about as credible as a Politician out during an election kissing babies and just as sleazy.
Then lets get to the real crux of this matter.For it seems to be an Australian silent vendetta against Murali.Every chance they get they make childish slights against him they duly do.Even when Murali was approached to be a Coach for Australia's upcoming spinners.When he graciously declined.This was the rather back handed headline in The Daily Telegraph:
'Murali chucks in Aussie coaching role'
The question has to be asked is why a Headline in a major newspaper that so degrades an icon of the game was allowed to go to print?
For all it did was paint the Australian mentality to be centred around jealousy and the inability to accept what is fact
The fact being Murali's action was cleared as legitimate and the jealousy being the Aussie angst about Murali holding the record for Test wickets.
Rather than Australia's love child Shane Warne. Who no matter what dubious things he did in his career and public life.In the Australian publics eyes butter wouldn't melt in his mouth
For that's the Australia way condemn against any other Countries heroes who might have things alleged against them,but cover up for their own heroes...
Though this aside this constant back biting against Murali has gone long past its tolerable stage and we just have to accept his place in the game
As a true icon,record holder and legend of the game-its the bare minimum that he deserves!
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