Sunday, 20 March 2011

An Irish View On The Next Indian Coach?

The Stare That's So Hot That It Can Turn Sand Into Glass!
In the midst of the trials and tribulations for India at the World Cup stands the more pressing concern of the future of the Team post World Cup.This in regards to their Coach Gary Kirsten,a man who is widely respected and liked amongst the players deciding to give up the post
So in a Nation that lives,sleeps and dreams about cricket this has become a point of much conjecture from the men in the palaces to the men in the street.
The key man being bandied around is the ex New Zealand Captain and current Coach of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Stephen Flemming.The very astute Flemming is held in high esteem as seen in this quote:

'Fleming, 37, is respected for having a shrewd cricketing mind and isn't the type to ignite controversies.
Plus, he's known to manage players exceedingly well,'

Which indeed are key prerequisites for such a high profile job.Plus the fact the he has such a great working relationship with the current Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni as seen at CSK.This also is seen as something heavy in his favour
Though as an outsider looking in this seems as flawed logic. For it seems that a man who has been on the wrong side of average in his Captaincy in Dhoni is calling the shots.Thus in sport when an individual starts to get bigger than the Team-well the latter is the loser.
So viewing this as a huge issue amongst a host of others issues in Team India.....
Why would you hire a man like Flemming who would simply pander to Dhoni and the staus quo?
Granted it would be a recipe to have India stay where they are in the game,but hardly a blueprint to propel them forward.For Flemming would be expert at looking after the playing side of the game,but would he be able to deal with the Indian players and their eccentricities?
Which in India is probably a bigger issue than the playing of the game
So who should be the man to achieve this desire of taking India to the next level by being able to be a master of every facet of Indian cricket?
The name of Anil Kumble has been bandied around and his professionalism and attention to detail would be a great bonus in the job.Though would he be able to handle the huge ego's of the players or would they indeed handle him with little or no respect?
Again to labour on the point of players is the rumour that there is a lobby within it that treats training programs and schedules with sheer disdain.Which is hardly a recipe for success and you'd have to question Kumble's success in dealing with it
Though what of another Indian who had a reputation of having such a presence that he could turn sand into glass with a stare.Such was the heat and fire in his eyes.
In Saurav Ganguly?
Though he hasn't the experience in Coaching,but he has the experience in the game.
Plus as seen in his Commentary he has an intimate understanding of the needs of the Indian Team.Citing such things as tactics,attention to fielding and lack of depth in bowling in his insights.
In Ganguly as seen in his Captaincy you would have a man who would stand in the face of anything and impose his will and get it done his way.
If Dhoni wanted to run the show it wouldn't matter what his backing or his support Ganguly would fix him.
As for the players who didn't want to train they'd be gone
If needs be, he'd burn Indian cricket to the ground and reinvent it in a bigger and better way.Then if any administrator or big wig dared to stand in his way
You think they would win-good luck lads take your brass knuckles and id still back Saurav!
Then in the midst and aftermath of this the winner would be Indian Cricket
So though it is unlikely and in truth pie in the sky stuff.For India likes to play safe and look after it's 'investments' like M.S.Dhoni...
Saurav Ganguly would be the one to cure the many ills in Indian cricket with his iron fist

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