Saturday, 19 March 2011

Kangaroos are Served

How would you like your Kangaroos, Monsieur ? Boiled ? Roasted ?
I would prefer Grilled, mon ami.

Exactly, same thing happened today. Kangaroo Curry. Australia faced complete demolition by the hands of Pakistan. 12 years before, Pakistan was the last team to defeat them in a World Cup match (1999 World Cup, Headingley). Though, both teams met again in the Final, but Pakistan were totally blown away.

But from now onwards 19th March 2011 would be a date forever remembered, the day when Pakistan ended Australia's World Cup winning streak.

The pitch, looked quite tricky. Soon, we came to know it was not an ordinary track. It was Two-faced (I miss you Batman), with odd bounce. Soon Pakistani bowlers, lead by Umar Gul, shattered Australia dismissing them for 176 runs, involving good fielding, excellent keeping by our 'keeper' and Ricky Ponting's facial expressions too.

Honestly speaking, Pakistan faced a difficult task. Chasing is something that Pakistan is a bit reluctant to do. Add to that reluctance, there was swing/ seam factor, a tricky pitch and chasing under lights (I ignored these factors when Pakistan started their chase, ignorance is bliss, period). Hafeez got dismissed first, followed by Kamran. It was the partnership between Younis and Asad, and later on Asad and Umar Akmal that settled the ship. Also, those two fours by Razzaq just provided extra spice to the win !

Brad Haddin. What a man. During a brawl, on the field, the guy PUSHED Younis Khan. The most humble, down-to-earth player of Pakistan currently, and one of the humblest around the world. What Younis wanted, with a smiling face, was to settle the issue, but Haddin, oh well, he had other plans. He pushed Younis, and look what happened, Haddin got dismissed later on, followed by the collapse and then ultimately his team lost the match. Silly, what the hell were you trying to do? Huh ? Better go and bury yourself, it's better that way.

Secondly, what the hell was on Ian Chappell's mind ! He was acting like the Mayor of gaga land ! For the duck's (Kindly, avoid replacing D with F) sake man ! I mean why was he bashing and ranting against Pakistanis, when his own team was doing nothing spectacular ? ! I just wish Ian Botham had jumped at him at that exact moment and broken his teeth.

Well, I am pretty ecstatic. Kangaroos are really delicious, I tried them with noodles !

Pakistan Zindabad !

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