Friday, 11 March 2011

England are the new 'Pakistan' by Maaz


Congratulations Bangladesh on a thrilling and monumental victory today by 2 wickets against the Poms.

As one poster at the ground said: "One Tiger is better than 3 Lions!" Bangladesh Cricket Team have done their fans, supporters and fellow countrymen very proud indeed. They have beaten a top class side from the jaws of defeat and mathematically stand a reasonable chance of reaching the quarter final stages with matches against South Africa and Netherlands yet to play.

What is wrong with England nowadays? They have had excellent results against tournament favourites namely India and South Africa where they surprised everyone and tied chasing 338 and won by pulling off a 6 run victory having been dismissed for 171 batting first whereas against the weaker sides (Ireland and Bangladesh) they have been embarrassed with formidable upsets. Truly unpredictability and mysteriousness at its very best, something which Pakistan's majestic lions are renowned for over the last decade or so. A team which makes action packed drama possible and great viewing.

Not to forget their shambolic and woeful bowling and fielding displays against Netherlands on the 22nd of February despite being able to avoid an upset and get over the line on that occasion.

England now play West Indies in Chennai on Thursday in virtually a must win game if they want to keep their campaign alive and successfully progress to the real deal business stuff. For now though the moment, day and headlines belong to Bangladesh and their emotional fans who will be partying on the streets and celebrating hard.

Great to see a smile back on the faces of those fans who were absolutely tormented by the disastrous defeat against West Indies last week and responded violently in protest. This outcome should lift spirits and restore the credibility of Bangladesh as an important well developing cricketing institution and well capable World Cup hosting nation.

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