Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Special One Known As Shoaib Ahktar

One That Will Never Be Forgotten!
The only thing certain in any sporting career is it's brief and could end as quickly as it starts.So you learn to let go of all its players from the average to the good to the great.Some passing without a thought,others having some meaning and then the others who you let go with a certain regret.A bit like you'd pass on your favourite childhood Teddy that meant so much too you
On a higher plain is the ones that occupy your heart and you deem as being special.When you have to let go of these players the pain is immense and the legacy is taken to your grave....
Ive lived a long time. so have a few that will be buried with me with probably my most poignant being the Aussie firebrand Jeff Thomson
To put his meaning to me in context..........
I didn't cry at my children's birth or my grand children's birth,but I balled like a little schoolgirl when Alan Turner ran into Thomson in 1976 and wrecked his shoulder......
For he was special and in essence was the heart in my sporting being and couldn't bare him not being around....
35 years on we are faced with the lose of another special one in Shoaib Ahktar and with his announcement of impending retirement after the World Cup.You could almost close your eyes and feel the hearts of the 180 million cricket crazy Pakistani's breaking with this announcement
This was because Shoaib Ahktar was everything that the word special embodied.Whether he was on the field or off the field he was the subject of fanfare.For such was his mystique and his aura that people just couldn't take their eyes off him.
Maybe it was because he was what we attach with sexy in the game.That of being an express fast bowler that when he got it right he could make even the very best look foolish.

And don't think this was a once off...For he did the same to the peerless Aussie batsmen and to the South African's
Which duly gained him the Rawalpindi Express nickname for he was truly irresistible.
It didn't matter that he probably didn't live up to his immense potential or if in fact he was more frustrating to the masses throughout his career.......
Or it didn't matter that he was the source of scandals within the Team and in the public eye....
All that mattered was how he made people feel by his exploits which few could come close.Or the meaning to these masses of people that came with how he made them feel
For he was like a diamond so rare and special and something we just couldn't take our eyes off,
For this we thank you Mr Shoaib Ahktar for everything you gave us!
Shabby you will be missed but never forgotton,
Mere Cheetey meri dua tere saath hai

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